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The visit and study of Henan Customer Delegation


    The visit and study of Henan Customer Delegation


    On 17th March, 2017,Henan Customer Delegation visited and studied Junxia Sports Equipment Co. Ltd, and was warmly received by the management.

    After arriving at Junxia, the delegation visisted the company’s 2000 square meter inteligent equipment showroom, escorted by the department heads.  Upon entering the showroom, a staff firstly showed the delegation a short advertisement video of Junxia, through which, the delegation had a preliminary understanding about the company’s development history and basic information.Since the establishment, Junxia has set the goal as making the brand a hundred international one of China and the world.Through the relentless efforts in the past many years, Junxia has become a leading International brand in the sports equipment tradeIn the following, the staff went through in detail on the main products that Junxia produces, as well as the new products development in recent years. The delegation tried some of the products themselves.

    After the showroom tour, the delegation was showed the automation workshop. The treadmill automation workshop is the first one in the domestic sports equipment trade. The robots used on the automation production line were all from the internationally well known brands, i.e.: KUKA from Germany and Yaskawa from Japan. The production efficiency has a significant uplift compared to that of the traditional production line.      

    In the afternoon, the Training department Manager Mr. Wan Kesong hosted a communication with the delegation in the meeting room at the ground floor regarding to auction events. In recent years, with fitness gaining popularity among all people, the government also pays increasing emphasis to sports industry through various initiatives. In last June, the State Council released the “All People Fitness Plan(2016-2020)”, and gave guidelines on deepen the sports transformation, encourage public sports, and promote healthiness development of the nation. The publication of this plan suggested the coming of the all people fitness era. To ensure the smooth delivery of this plan, local government units focus on  improving the sports infrastructure. Therefore, purchase by government units has taken greater and greater share in the sports equipment market. Mr. Wankesong gave analysis and comments on the related questions the delegation raised.

    Junxia as a responsible and reliable enterprise, never ceased its support to its distributers. We always put customer and distributer’s needs in the first place through new product development, marketing, service and after sales support.