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Management is the root, Quality is the soul —- Junxia and Haomai 2016 Annual Round up Meeting completed successfully.


    Management is the root, Quality is the soul —- Junxia and Haomai 2016 Annual Round up Meeting completed successfully.


    Annual round up meeting was hold at the Junxia head office. Junxia CEO, General Manager Mr. Wang, leaders of different levels from different departments, and all the staffs got together to conclude the works of the past year, and recognized the departments and individuals with outstanding performance.    

    It has been concluded that 2016 was a critical year in the company’s development history. With the macro enviroment of overall slumping economy, under the leadership of the board, all our staffs held together. We calmly faced all challenges,  overcome the daunting difficulties, and did our best to achieve the work objectives. Eventually, the company has achieved positive year end results. This has set a good foundation for continuous growth, particularly it contributes to a good start to the work of 2017.


    we had made many mistakes in our work in the past year. We needed to reflect on these mistakes, find out the problems and solve them, so as to set stage for the ongoing works. Reviewing the past year, Mr. Wang said we had been aggressively pushing forward production management reform, proactively constructed the Quality Control System. Remarkable achievements have been made on several key indications, e.g. production efficiency and product pass rate all had significant improvement. These great results could not have been achieved without the strenuous efforts of all the company staffs. Therefore, he gave his heartfelt appreciation to all the departments.       

    In the following, Junxia CEO Mr. Heng Dunjian gave important speeches. Firstly, he thanked all staffs for sticking to the company stratigic goal, and exellently delivered every work objective. Then he analysed the outlook of the sports equipment manufacturing industry, and pointed out that 2017 will be a year of both challenge and opportunity. Since 2008, manufacturing enterprises have been shadowed by the global economy slump. However, with the favorable policy support from the nation, Sports industry will step into a new development stage. In the new year, every staff should work with greater enthusiasm and get hold of the opportunity to open a new chapter of the company.

    Mr.Heng related Innovation and Quality many times in his speech. He emphasized that innovation was the base that an enterprise stood on. He called for all department to utilize the talent of individuals to promote innovation. With regards of quality issues, Mr. Heng instructed that we should make strict quality control and never allow a single unit of faulty product reaches the market. Junxia has been endeavored to provide customers with superior training experience since its establishment, and we see quality as the life of the company. We have continuously brought in talents and advanced intelligent production equipments, improve our product quality, and practiced servicing the public.       


    In the next, GM Mr. Wang hosted the commendation of the exellent department and individuals. The board awarded the prizes and certificates, and called for  all staffs to follow their good examples, and achieve the vision of making Junxia a hundred year brand of China and the world.

    In the end, Junxia professional fitness trainers demonstrated spin bike and dumbbell exercises to reflect Junxias enterprise philosophy of Sporting for fun, and Intelligent Fitness. The meeting concluded successfully with a storm of resounding applause.